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During our delicious Honey Tasting experiences, the important aspects of 'terroir ' which relate to the soil, climate, plants and region are also explained.

Treat your taste buds to  Rewarewa, Pōhutukawa, Kānuka, Tāmahi, Clover, Multiflora, Tāwari. Honeydew, Mānuka and Thyme to mention just a few. 

NB : *Bookings essential - *Weather dependant activities

Native forest walk & Honey Tasting  1hr **

Adults and 12-16yrs $110pp. 
(Not suitable for children under 12) 

Enjoy an easy forest walk to learn how to identify some of NZ native trees and plants ie: Rewarewa, Tawari, Poroporo, Kanuka, and Manuka while also learning about bees, their life cycle and their struggle to survive. The walk includes sitting in a native forest for a presentation of a beehive and its mysteries.  

The walk ends deliciously by tasting honey from both the North & South islands of NZ, plus savouring varietals from plants that were viewed during the native forest walk.

Family Mini Tour & Honey Tasting  30min **

 $25  per person (Under 2 free)

Great activity for families with young children. View a beehive in our garden while learning about bees and what they forage on before stepping inside our honey tasting shed to view a beehive and the sensory table where children can touch and smell pure beeswax products  AND taste honey! 

Custom made & Special Events 

Bee Hive Experience & Honey Tasting  2hrs ** 

Adults $180pp. 12-16yrs $140pp. 
(Not suitable for children under 12) 

Enjoy a fun, fact-filled lesson about both native bees and honey bees, their life cycles, their struggles to survive and how we can actively help them. This is followed by a hands-on-lesson inside a live beehive working alongside an experienced beekeeper. 

Then we will delight you with a sensory experience while sitting within our native forest classroom and you will savour deicious honey from both the North & South islands while learning about how to help our our Ngaro huruhuru - Native bees.

Bee Experience 1hr **

Adults $140. 12-16yrs $100pp.
(Not suitable for children under 12 )

Open up a beehive and work alongside a beekeeper so you see the inner working of a hive. Get to spot a queen bee and her tireless worker bees while learning about the bees' life cycle and how they produce diverse honey types.

Gain advice on native bees, bumblebees and honey bees, their environment and how to help them survive.

Complete protective gear provided.

Custom made beekeeping courses for children accompanied by an adult can be organised. Also suitable for home-schooling groups

Custom made beekeeping courses and/or honey tastings for special events, community groups, hen/stag days, anniversaries etc, can be organised. 

Send us an email for more information and pricing

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